The Pigeon Man

By The Shoebox Diorama


The pigeon post office was once the pinnacle of the city. Through time the pigeon post office got overshadowed by the giants of glass and steel. The frontier mindset of mankind brought us to the moon, made water run out of faucets and sometimes makes you forget about the little things in life. This story is about such a little thing that does not like to be forgotten.


The Pigeon Man is an intimate diorama adventure game for the Oculus Rift about an old pigeon post office and the weird and wonderful people who will tell its story. The game consists of four episodes in which you will meet a character with his or her own way of communicating. The user will be able to interact with these characters through the Oculus Rift. Every episode will end with a diorama in which the player will be able to reflect and piece together the story.

Outside Pigeon Post

The Pigeon Man is inspired by Tell Tales' The Walking Deadand Aardman's Creature Comforts. The game focuses on human interaction (no talking animals!), exploring detailed handpainted 3D environments and creating a sense of presence.

Inside Pigeon Post

The Pigeon Man is created by the one man company The Shoebox Diorama (Daniel Ernst). The original soundtrack is done by Misha Veldhuis and the audio is provided by Nineyards Audio.

The Pigeon Boy The Pigeon Man Dirk

Episode 1 will be released for PC | MAC | LINUX & IOS when it's ready.

The Pigeon Man is co-funded by the friendly people from the Creative Industries fund NL:

Creative Industries Fund NL


The first diorama by The Shoebox Diorama Blocked In shows off some of the tech for The Pigeon Man. The 3D environments are all handpainted on top off 3D geometry. Every texture you see is unique. The audio uses a binaural audio system to provide positional audio. This will help the player experience spatial awareness. Blocked In is one of the best regarded demo's at the moment and many first experience with the Rift. And has been nominated for a Unity Award, Proto Award and has been shown alongside Der Grosse Gottlieb on festivals throughout the world.

The Pigeon Man relies heavily on character communication. Facial motion capture (Faceshift) in combination with normal motion capture (Ipi Soft) will make the characters act more believable. Ofcourse good characters need a convincing story first and foremost. It's quite wondrous the things someone can do at home nowadays.

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